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Would Bar Stools Damage My Hardwood Floor? Things To Know When Choosing Your Floor

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Everybody knows that hardwood floors are difficult to maintain. This is one of the reasons why many people decide to stay away from such floors. After all, there are lots of beautiful flooring options that require barely any maintenance. Nevertheless, the exquisite beauty of properly maintained hardwood floors is something that can curb the appeal of any home. Besides, it surely contributes to the increase in the market value of your property.

If you think about installing a new floor, you may wonder whether your bar stools would damage it. The answer is that it depends on the quality of the timber and of the finish, as well as on your willingness to protect the tips of all stool legs to prevent them from scratching the floor. There are small accessories that are made from rubber or from a special silicone you can apply to the tips of the legs to protect the floor. These rubber leg caps come in different colors, and they are rather small, so they won’t spoil the look of your room.hardwood floor use bar stools

A high-quality hardwood floor is very difficult to damage. It can withstand intense traffic, heavy furniture, and many other things that would normally destroy any cheap flooring. However, you have to know that you’ll need to reapply the finish from time to time, in order to make your hardwood floor look like new again. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay attention to the legs of your chairs and stools. Sharp tips made from metal are even a good idea. If that’s the type of stool you prefer, you’d better seek some solutions to protect these tips, in order to avoid damaging your floors. As a matter of fact, the wrong stools may damage even the toughest flooring ever, including granite and ceramic tiles.

One type of stool for hardwood floors to avoid if you want to protect your wood floors is the one with wide base that’s made from cast iron, stainless steel, or any other metal. This large contact surface area will inevitably cause damage to your floors. There is a workaround, which consists of sticking some anti-skid protection bits you can find in every hardware store, both online and in real life.

hardwood bar stoolsIf you already have your stools and you’re seeking for the right type of flooring, try to discuss this issue with the seller of the floor. Some hardwood floor manufacturers apply special treatments to the wood, in order to make it more durable and better suited for furniture legs and intense traffic. They will explain to you the difference between the various types of hardwood floors available, and they will also recommend the right type of flooring to buy.

Thanks to modern technology and advanced materials, it is possible to add a protective coating to hardwood floors, in order to make them more durable. This type of floor should be safe, but you still have to make sure you protect it by applying those silicone caps on the legs of your bar stools.