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Would Bar Stools Damage My Hardwood Floor? Things To Know When Choosing Your Floor

Everybody knows that hardwood floors are difficult to maintain. This is one of the reasons why many people decide to stay away from such floors. After all, there are lots of beautiful flooring options that require barely any maintenance. Nevertheless, the exquisite beauty of properly maintained hardwood floors is something that can curb the appeal of any home. Besides, it surely contributes to the increase in the market value of your property.

If you think about installing a new floor, you may wonder whether your bar stools would damage it. The answer is that it depends on the quality of the timber and of the finish, as well as on your willingness to protect the tips of all stool legs to prevent them from scratching the floor. There are small accessories that are made from rubber or from a special silicone you can apply to the tips of the legs to protect the floor. These rubber leg caps come in different colors, and they are rather small, so they won’t spoil the look of your room.hardwood floor use bar stools

A high-quality hardwood floor is very difficult to damage. It can withstand intense traffic, heavy furniture, and many other things that would normally destroy any cheap flooring. However, you have to know that you’ll need to reapply the finish from time to time, in order to make your hardwood floor look like new again. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay attention to the legs of your chairs and stools. Sharp tips made from metal are even a good idea. If that’s the type of stool you prefer, you’d better seek some solutions to protect these tips, in order to avoid damaging your floors. As a matter of fact, the wrong stools may damage even the toughest flooring ever, including granite and ceramic tiles.

One type of stool for hardwood floors to avoid if you want to protect your wood floors is the one with wide base that’s made from cast iron, stainless steel, or any other metal. This large contact surface area will inevitably cause damage to your floors. There is a workaround, which consists of sticking some anti-skid protection bits you can find in every hardware store, both online and in real life.

hardwood bar stoolsIf you already have your stools and you’re seeking for the right type of flooring, try to discuss this issue with the seller of the floor. Some hardwood floor manufacturers apply special treatments to the wood, in order to make it more durable and better suited for furniture legs and intense traffic. They will explain to you the difference between the various types of hardwood floors available, and they will also recommend the right type of flooring to buy.

Thanks to modern technology and advanced materials, it is possible to add a protective coating to hardwood floors, in order to make them more durable. This type of floor should be safe, but you still have to make sure you protect it by applying those silicone caps on the legs of your bar stools.…

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What Kind Of Lights Are In Parking Lots? What Are The Issues?

When you start researching what kind of lights are in parking lots, you will find that many locations around the country still use conventional area lighting. Parking lot lighting is something the majority of the population encounter on a regular basis. It is used in shopping centers, warehouses, schools, distribution center and office complex parking lots.


When it comes to conventional parking lot lighting, most venues use either high-pressure sodium lamps, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps or mercury vapor lamps. There are three main drawbacks of these conventional lighting options: frequent maintenance costs, sub-par lighting performance, and high energy running costs. Let’s discuss those drawbacks in more detail:


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High Energy Costs

Old-style high-intensity discharge lamps used in parking lots can use between 100 and 1000 watts each. When the size of the area requiring illumination is large, you can see how energy usage rates for lighting can really add up. A typically 1000 watt conventional area light fixture can use over $525’s worth of electricity each year. The reason conventional bulbs use so much energy is that they give off a lot of heat.


High Maintenance Costs

The maintenance of conventional exterior parking lot lighting can be very high. Since the lamps are mounted onto poles that are higher than 15 feet, so a bucket truck needs to be called out every time a ballast or lamp needs to be changed. Hiring such a truck and contractor to carry out the routine maintenance work can be costly. The maintenance expenses mount up over time. In some areas of the country, it can cost over $350 per light per year for maintenance.


Sub-Par Lighting Performance

Despite the high energy usage of conventional HID flood lamps, they can experience accelerated lumen degradation over time. This means that light output from the lamps gets worse over time. The only good thing about HID lamps is that they do produce white light. High-pressure sodium lamps, meanwhile, are less susceptible to lumen degradation over time, but they tend to give off an orange light and they still use lots of energy.


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LED Lighting Solutions

The good news is that LED lighting technology is now available for parking lot lighting and area flood lighting. This type of technology can reduce energy costs massively and provide much better illumination to an area. Furthermore, once installed, LED lighting does not require much maintenance. You can learn more about the latest parking lot lighting from any good LED solution supplies website.


An LED parking lot fixture can produce 7000 to 66,00 lumens. They can be used to replace 1000W metal halide models and use up to 70% less energy. Another good thing about LED area lights is that they can be programmed to automatically dim when no motion is detected in the surrounding area. A dimmed light will use a lot less electricity and dimming the light won’t negatively impact the LED’s lifespan. When used for 12 hours each night, an average LED fixture will provide maintenance-free bright lighting for years.…

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Why You Need To Buy A Quiet Ceiling Fan For The Bedroom?

Whenever AC is not an option, you can always enjoy some cool air in your home by using ceiling fans. This article takes a closer look at choosing the best quiet ceiling fan for your bedroom. It also explains why you need to invest in a quiet fan, at least for this room where you are supposed to rest and enjoy a good night sleep.

The first reason why you need a ceiling fan in your bedroom is that it will help you fall asleep faster. According to scientists and healthcare professionals, we need to avoid seeping in overheated bedrooms. If you live in an area with very hot summers, you’ll find it difficult to sleep in a cool environment without installing an AC unit. If you don’t want air conditioning or you can’t afford it, a ceiling fan will be the next best option. The only thing to keep in mind when you shop around for the best ceiling fans for the bedroom is that you may need to keep them going all night long throughout the hottest summer days. This means that you shouldn’t go for the cheapest options out there, as they may not be as durable and as reliable as high-quality ones. The level of noise is another thing to keep in mind when you do your research.

best quiet ceiling fan for bedroom

Taking into consideration that you also need silence to fall asleep, you’ll have to make sure your bedroom ceiling fan is as quiet as possible. If you overlook this little detail, you may have troubles falling asleep or you may wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where that annoying noise comes from. Such intermittent sounds can prevent you from falling asleep again, should you wake up during the night. Besides, if you have a baby sharing the bedroom with you, you’ll have even more troubles. Babies don’t fall asleep when you want them to, and such noises may prevent them from closing their eyes.

If you enjoy reading in bed before falling asleep, you’ll also want to buy a quiet ceiling fan. Also, if you use your bedroom for other relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga, or anything else that requires you to focus, it will be very hard to find the right mood to do all these in a noisy environment. Even if you don’t mind a permanent background noise, even if it doesn’t prevent you from falling asleep, you may still have crazy dreams or even nightmares because of the buzzing and the squeaking of your ceiling fan.

Don’t underestimate the noise a cheap, poor quality ceiling fan can make. Also, think about the fact that the roller bearings that make such noises are probably not as durable as quiet ones. This means that your ceiling fan will need more frequent maintenance and repairs, as those bearings will break due to the heavy usage of the fan during the hot season. If you want to be on the safe side, do yourself a favor and invest in a quiet ceiling fan for your bedroom.…

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The Importance Of Using A Good Office Chair During Your Pregnancy

It’s always important to use a sturdy office chair. However, it’s even more important to ensure that you have the support you need during your pregnancy. If your current chair isn’t cutting it for you, it may be time for you to look for an best office chair for pregnancy.

office chair for pregnancy

Pregnant Women Are More Prone To Back Pain

During pregnancy, women have to carry around a lot of extra weight. This can put a great deal of strain on the back. A lot of pregnant women experience frequent back pain, especially in the third trimester.

One of the best ways to combat these kinds of aches and pains is to ensure that women have a comfortable and supportive chair to sit in. A good office chair can’t eliminate back pain during pregnancy, but it can help to reduce its frequency and severity.

Women Experience Pelvic Floor Pain During Pregnancy

In addition to experiencing back pain, it’s common for women to experience severe pain in their pelvic floor. In some cases, this pain can be so intense that it’s difficult to stand. This is another thing that a supportive chair can help with.

pregnant office chairsBeing pregnant can be very uncomfortable. However, if a woman is able to sit in a comfortable chair that provides her with a lot of extra cushion to it, that can help to reduce her overall discomfort. The right chair can make a big difference.

Many Women Spend More Time Sitting When They’re Pregnant

Anyone that needs to work at a desk will spend time in an office chair from time to time. However, when a woman is pregnant, it can be more difficult for her to stay on her feet. Because of this, women are likely to spend more time in their office chair during the months of their pregnancy.

A woman that is going to be spending a lot of time in her office chair will naturally want to make sure the chair she is sitting in offers the level of support that she needs. Spending hours every day in an uncomfortable chair could lead to a number of problems.

There Are Many Excellent Options On The Market

Any woman that is looking for a great office chair to use during her pregnancy will find a number of incredible options. There are many different chairs available, and some of these chairs are fully adjustable. This means that women will be able to adjust the chair to fit their changing needs.

best pregnancy office chairs

Having a lot of great options means that choosing the right chair can be difficult. However, if you set a budget, and you know what to look for, you should be able to find a chair that’s a great fit for you.

As you can clearly see, it’s very important to select the right office chair during pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, or if you’re shopping for an office chair for someone that is pregnant, you shouldn’t pick just any chair. You should focus on finding a supportive chair that will give pregnant women what they need.…

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What To Know About Graco Magnum x7 Paint Sprayer?

Paint brushes and rollers can handle many of the paint jobs that you need to complete. However, there are times when a more serious tool is required. If you need something more powerful than a paint brush, you should consider the Graco Magnum X7 paint sprayer. Of course, before you purchase, there are certain facts that you need to know.

Graco Magnum x7 paint sprayer review

The Basics

The Graco Magnum X7 is a lightweight paint sprayer. It is also small in size when compared to other paint sprayers on the market. However, the weight and size can be deceptive as this sprayer packs a punch when you need to use it.

The sprayer comes with a metal SG2 spraying gun. This has a full trigger and a built-in filter. It is also comfortable to handle and hold. The sprayer tip works with both 5- and 1-gallon paint buckets making it ideal for any job.

ease of use Graco spray machine

If you have never used one of these sprayers before, it can look daunting. To make everything easier, the manufacturer has included a full manual and instructional DVD to help. The sprayer itself has also been designed for ease of using making it the best option for first-time users.

Who Can Use It?

When looking at any equipment, you need to know who it has been designed for. There is no point in getting a paint sprayer that was not created with your project in mind. This sprayer has been made with DIY projects in mind.

If you are going to paint the fence or decks of your home, this is the sprayer you should be looking at. It can also handle interior walls and ceilings making is a great tool to have in your DIY kit. The small size helps with this because it is easier to handle and not as expensive as contractor equipment.

The Benefits Of The X7

There are a few benefits to this sprayer that you need to be aware of. The first is the affordable price and the second is the light weight. Both of these benefits make the sprayer ideal for home use.

Graco Magnum x7 sprayer hose

The sprayer is also versatile as it can attach to both 1- and 5-gallon paint buckets. These are the most common sizes for home projects. There are also limited parts making it easy to set up and start. The sprayer also works with almost any coating adding to the versatility.

The Drawbacks

While there are many benefits to this sprayer, there are also some drawbacks. The primary drawback is the fact that it can become clogged with thicker materials. If you are using thick paints, you could have a problem.

The hose of the sprayer is also relatively short which can be an issue for some people. Of course, the hose is ideal for most home projects. Longer hoses are generally not required in these situations.


The Graco Magnum X7 is a paint sprayer that any DIY hobbyist should look at. The sprayer is small and affordable while being easy to use. It is also versatile and able to tackle most home painting projects.