Simply It
Menu Appetizers


26. Tofu Spring Rolls (4) (Goi Cuon Dau Hu) $5.75
Tofu or Shrimp and assorted vegetables wrapped in rice paper. Served with delicious plum sauce and ground peanuts.

27. Simply It's Homemade Egg Rolls (4) (Cha Gio)
Crispy egg rolls served with chili garlic dipping sauce.

Vegetarian Egg Rolls (4) 5.75
Pork Egg Rolls (4) $5.75
Chicken Egg Rolls (4) $5.75
Salmon Egg Rolls (4) $6.25
Seafood Egg Roll (4) $6.25

28. Grilled Lemongrass Beef (Thit Nuong Rau Song) $8.95
Lemongrass grilled beef served with rice paper, fresh vegetables and dipping sauce.

28. Chicken Avocado (Ga Cuon Bo) $9.95
Avocado, Asparagus wrapped in grilled chicken breast and served with Mango salsa.

29. Sticky Rice Cake - Northern Vietnam Specialty (Banh Chung) $5.95
Steamed sticky rice filled with chicken, mung bean, shitake mushroom and wrapped in banana leaf

30. Soft Shell Crab (2) (Cua Lot) $12.95
Crispy soft shell crab served with tropical fruit dipping sauce. (Seasonal)

31. Dumpling (10 pcs) (Sui Cao)
Steamed or Pan-fried dumpling served with soy ginger dipping sauce.
Veggies $6.75 Chicken $6.75 Pork $6.75 Seafood $6.95

32. Bon Vivant’s Platter (Tu Buu) $8.95
An assortment of 2 shrimp spring rolls, 2 seafood egg rolls, 2 tofu spring rolls, 2 veggie egg rolls and dipping sauce.

33. Chicken Puff (4) (Banh Vac) $5.95
Chicken, veggies stuffed in puff pastry served with plum and chili dipping sauce.

35. Saigonese Crepe (Banh Xeo) $7.95
A specialty of Southern Vietnamese cuisine, filled with shrimp, chicken, fresh mushroom, mung bean, onion, and bean sprout. Served with a chili lime garlic dipping sauce. (Please allow 20 minutes for cooking.)

36. Avocado Wonton (5) $5.95
Fresh avocado and cream cheese wrapped in wonton skin and then lightly fried. Served with a tangy sweet and sour sauce.

37. Fresh Summer Rolls (8) (Goi Cuon Cua) $7.95
Real king crab meat, lettuce, rice noodle, mint, carrot, jicama, avocado, bean sprout, wrapped in a thin rice paper. Served with a tamarind dipping sauce.

38. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh Vegetarian Roll (8) $5.95
Tofu, green asparagus, mango, jacamar, carrot and fresh herbs wrapped in seaweed, Vietnamese rice paper, and sesame then served with a delicious sauce.

We carry brown rice for $1.50 per bowl.